East African Contractors Ltd (EACL) is a limited liability company established in 2006. EACL is privately owned by its Founder and shareholder Mr. Seenuvasan Gururajan as a Kenyan company operating from its heads quarters based in Nairobi. EACL is a Registered A-grade electrical contractor, specializing in all renewable energy, Industrial, commercial, and large-scale housing projects. EACL develops turnkey engineering projects on an Engineering Procurement Construction basis or any part of the development needs. EACL has been one of the market leaders in electrical contracts in low-cost housing, creating innovative technology solutions for Industries and commercial buildings. 

Their services include Electrical Power reticulations from low, medium, and high voltage levels to building management systems which include security, safety, and automation systems. 

The company has its operations mostly in Kenya but also has done several projects in other East African countries. 

The company is NCA level 3 accredited. 


  1. Paramount Chief Estate Ltd-750 Medium-cost Housing estate on 200 Acres
  2. Mount Kenya Safari Club – 5star- top 10 resort in Africa
  3. Apex Steel Ltd- Establishment of 11KV substation and Automation plants
  4. Safaricom / Airtel –BTS stations, HQ-Office
  5. Geo-Thermal Plant Instrumentation-OLKARIA
  6. Doctors Park – 10 Story medical standard Office block building
  7. LeMac -24 Story Multi facility commercial and high-end Residential building
  8. Banks –Bank of Baroda, Eco Bank –Branch electrifications and lighting
  9. Mumias Sugar Co. Ltd- Co-generation plant installations.

Over 300 Completed projects in Hotel, medical, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors with world-class workmanship, and excellent service with a dedicated and well trained team of technicians and management team.


Mr. Gururajan owes good business growth to proper services and good customer relations and satisfaction, who will refer the company for other projects. 

EACL has been utilizing 100 percent, local technicians, as a workforce and training continuously all levels of the workforce for their carrier growth. Locally manufactured products in all the projects contributing to the local economy Social welfare projects including electrification of schools, police stations, hospitals, mosques, temples, Tree planting programs, food supply to orphanage homes, and many charitable events and programs in various parts of Kenya.


The company strives to add value to the client and main contractor. Another selling point for EACL is their affordable costs and project services even after the completion of projects, which gives more trust in the client. 

Mr. Gururajan also claims good workmanship in the company has been one of the most unique selling points, also having the workmanship being majorly local for whichever project they undertake in any East African country. 


Good workmanship is one of the key drivers in quality control at East African Contractors. Mr. Gururajan states that a lot of the materials used for the contracts have to be thoroughly handled and well taken care of, thus ensuring good workmanship would help manage the quality of work. 

Mr. Guru tells us that EACL ensures that they train all their workers on-site to ensure they provide quality services that are up to the company’s standards.


According to Mr. Gururajan, EACL wants to be the leading service provider in East Africa, offering quality services and affordable ones, and in turn, creating more job opportunities to render their services across the region. 


Since the company also deals with more generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar across the country, he notes that the company would like to increase its output to the national grid by up to 20%, lowering the cost of electricity as per the national incentives set up by the government, so that manufacturers and the public can access cheaper electricity. 


Mr. Gururajan sees the need to address the compromises that are being made in the construction industry. Some of the vices such as corruption have seen the use of substandard materials and unskilled labor, resulting in the collapse of many buildings recently. He adds that this issue must be urgently addressed to help curb such incidences which at times result in human deaths and many casualties and more, great economic losses in the sector. 


Since the inception of the company, Mr. Gururajan states that they have aimed to use the cutting edge and latest technological advancements to render their services most efficiently, both for the company and for the client, saving power consumption and cost e.g. by use of LED for lighting. 


He sees the market as being very busy with so many projects taking place. He advises the need for government and private institutions to wake up to the call and create a conducive working environment, ensuring the creation of jobs for many Kenyans and East African citizens. 

There is demand for infrastructure and green infrastructure, he says. Therefore he perceives that the manufacturing sector will have a boost, having cheaper energy alternatives to boost production.


As an individual, associated with corporates and through continued services with various BMOs Mr. Gururajan has rendered various support to government initiatives which include enhancing trade and investment in Kenya, Promoting Kenya in the international arena by traveling to all continents and over 25 countries through outgoing missions in addition to promoting Tourism Culture and advocacy on Intra Africa trade and attaining SDGs of Kenya with a vision in line with Kenya’s vision of 2030. He accompanied the President in various outgoing business delegations. Particularly the Indo-Africa summit held in New Delhi with 54 African leaders and Indian counterparts. He has participated in various incoming presidential delegation business forums, traveled to various counties in Kenya to participate in county Investment conferences, and Council of Governor’s conferences to support all county development agenda, and undertaken various energy and other resources mapping activities.


‘’Good intentions become your goals, good goals make you become that good character, that good character becomes your life, and that life will make you achieve your vision and serve humanity, you are now above human.’’- Gururajan.

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