Speaking to Mr. Jay Bhanderi, the Director of Jaisham Limited, he tells us that Jaisham Limited was formed in 1992. Jay’s grandfather had established the company in 1965 and named it Sunrise Home Repairs which had done some of the biggest projects like the City Hall Annex and the Maji House. In 1992 one of Jay’s grandfather’s partners relocated to Australia and Sunrise Home Repairs was closed down, and that was the birth of Jaisham Ltd. The name Jaisham was derived from Jay’s name and his younger brother Shyam who was born in the same year (1992).


Jaisham Limited is a sub-contractor that specializes in Plumbing, Drainage, and Fire fighting. The 3 main services they offer are; Plumbing, Drainage, Fire Fighting, and Sanitary Wares Installations.

Jaisham Plumbing Limited incorporated itself into Jaisham Limited effective June 2011. Jaisham Limited has over 31 years of experience providing value-added plumbing, design, installation, and sanitary fittings, to customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the process. Jaisham Limited endeavors to meet industry and client needs and standards by providing efficient, competent, and quality provision of services.


With a vision of expanding its business prospects and for further growth Jaisham Limited now has the vision to expand in the plumbing/drainage part of the infrastructure of the sectors because they want to grow the Nairobi environs.

Jaisham has successfully completed Residential Apartments, Commercial Buildings, Logistic Parks, Factories, and many more. The company is now focusing on expanding into various other sectors of the industry e.g. Commercial Projects, Institutes, Hotels, etc.

Having been duly registered with the registrar of companies, Jaisham Limited has the following NCA Certifications: –

  1. NCA 1 under Mechanical Engineering (Plumbing, Drainage, Sanitary Fittings, & Firefighting Installations)
  2. NCA 4 under General Contractors (Building and Civil Engineering Works)


Here are some of the recent flagship projects they have completed in the private residential house sector:-


  1. Dr. Chris Kirubi—Private Residential House in Loresho
  2. John Macharia—Private Residential House in Kibagare Valley.
  3. 6 No. Private Residential Houses for Hardip Sura in Tate Close, Kitisuru.
  4. Shama Anjarwalla—Private Residential House in Kibagare Valley.
  5. 9 No. Private Residential Houses for Coho Ltd in Lower Kabete.
  6. 2 No. Private Residential Houses for Kaushik & Dhiresh Shah in Kyuna
  7. 5 No. Private Residential Houses for Integer Ltd in Karen Windy Ridge. – Client Madam Ngina Kenyatta
  8. Private Residential House for Mr. M. Kenyatta – Gigiri Whispers – OnGoing


Here are some of the recent flagship projects they have completed and ongoing:-


  1. Nine Riverside – Riverside Drive Office Space – Securex Agencies
  2. IBM Research Centre – CUEA Karen
  3. Five Star Gardens – AMS Properties – 313 Nos Apartments.
  4. Mavoko Business Park – Athi River – 34 Nos Warehouse Complex
  5. Village Market Expansion – 3 Basements, 4 Floors of Retail and 2i8 BedTrademark Hotel.
  6. One Africa Place – 4 Nos Basements and 7 Nos Parking Silo, 22-storey Office
  7. African Logistics Park – Tilisi – 15000 SQM Warehouses Courtyard 1 Complete – Courtyard
  8. 9. Nos. Private Residential Houses for Coho Ltd in Lower Kabete
  9. City Mall Expansion – Basement, 3 Floor of Retail – Nyali Mombasa
  10. The Rock 20 Storey Office Space – Next to GTC Towers.
  11. Ramoda Ceramics – Ramco Group – Tile Factory – Kajiado
  12. Five Star Paradise – Phase II – 66 Houses AMS Properties – Phase III – 88 Houses (Ongoing)
  13. Dune Packaging Factory – Vipingo Kilifi
  14. Maisha Development – Tilisi – 259 Apartments – Client Kavit Shah – Ongoing
  15. KWAL SEZ Tatu City Factory – Ongoing

“Being in this industry space is interesting because every day you get to learn new technologies plumbing, drainage, and fire fighting is evolving every single day across the world and therefore we learn how to use different types of materials for piping, drainage, and even sanitary ware.” Says Jay.


Mr. Jay adds that as much as the market space is very competitive, he believes providing quality services is a very easy way of growing the business. His company’s biggest selling point is that they’ve got young, energetic project managers with ample experience both internationally and locally who have to help them achieve the completion of flagship projects in the country.

Jaisham engineers design and draft portions of plumbing systems for buildings, interpret and complete the design intent of more senior engineers, and develop finished production drawings for early projects to assure total plumbing system efficiency.
Additionally, their plumbing engineers perform necessary calculations and prepare production drawings and design notes. They also offer recommendations and assist in formulating design procedures.


In terms of managing quality control in their company, they have Quality Assurance and Quality Control policies/measures. They ensure they have frequent visits by quality control officers. And when one has a hierarchy of line project managers and line site agents, a rotational program is advised where quality officers can visit the sites without notifying the project managers handling the sites to ensure what is drawn on drawings is what is built on site. 


Jaisham Limited is recognized for providing quality plumbing, drainage, and sewerage services for public and private usage in all sectors, including Health, Education, Tourism, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Housing, Residential and Commercial. Their plumbing systems include;

Fire Fighting – SCH 40 Steel piping for Fire Fighting, Galvanized Steel-Pipes,

Drainage –  PVC, HDPE, and PP Pipe Work

Plumbing – PPRCT for Hot water, Pex Piping, and HDPE for Infrastructure.

They have also ventured into acoustic and polypropylene pipes for more effective drainage systems. Additionally, they employ skilled staff with quality management procedures to ensure they offer their clients high standards of services that match industry requirements.

Jaisham Limited also has a fully equipped workshop that provides plumbing and construction tools and equipment. The company offers modern and best-quality vehicles, construction, plumbing, drainage, and firefighting tools and equipment.

Mr. Jay tells us that adapting to the change of different types of innovative materials is going to be the future of the plumbing/draining industry. 

‘If we do not move with technology, we will not be able to deliver quality projects. We need to improve and support our market for us to grow as a country to achieve global standards.’ He said.

When asked if there is a quote that reflects his business, he said ‘Quality service is excellence, Period!

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