Twiga Construction Ltd was founded in 1969 by two gentlemen, Mr. Kalian Hirani and Mr. P M Shah as a partnership. Mr. Kalian Hirani was the grandfather to Mr. Neelesh.

Mr. Neelesh officially joined the family business in the year 2009. The company operated as Twiga Construction Company until 2014 when it underwent restructuring to become Twiga Construction Limited.

In the year 2015, the business changed from a partnership to a Limited company, the other partners leaving as they took over.


Twiga Construction Ltd is a main contractor company that deals with major construction such as hospitals, commercial buildings, malls, schools and minor works within their projects.

The company deals majorly with construction, the concrete frame, and also timber works within their projects. They also have a metal workshop where they do all metal works for their projects and a precast site where they do any pre casting works related to their projects.

The company is accredited NCA 1 certification.


  • Sarit center phase I & II
  • Housing projects
  • Securex building at Riverside
  • Rivert building in Brookside
  • Triple A building in Lavington
  • KHS office in Karen
  • Kenya Tea Board HQ in Dagoretti Corner
  • Fortis towers at Woodvale groove
  • Geminia towers
  • Mozart towers
  • Kemsa care MP Shah hospital


Mr. Neelesh identifies that good knowledge of cash flow systems is good in helping make the business growth.

He also notes that good technical knowledge.

 is paramount for business growth. A company need to offer good expertise and quality in their projects to build a good reputation that will attract more clients.

Training of staff is quite important as well so as to ensure they are optimal in their skills and expertise. This will help in ensuring quality control in the company.


The directors are on top of operations, taking interest in the ongoing projects to ensure they are being conducted as per the specifications. Mr. Neelesh is a chartered Quantity Surveyor and he ensures that all survey activities are done professionally and to standard. With his technical experience and product knowledge as director, he ensures good operations of their company to offer good quality services to all their clients.



Quality Control is managed from the head office and the operations run from there, and then the work continues at the site (plug and play).


Twiga Construction are aiming to continue what they are currently doing and improve the construction industry as much as they can. The company is also open to expanding to other regions where they can to offer their services in the construction sector, using new products and technologies.



Mr. Neelesh identifies the major challenge being related to the cash flow systems as they are very technical and involving and much attention has to be paid to avoid running losses.

He also notes that many people don’t know that the industry is quite tasking and involving, with the customers wanting cheaper services whereas the needs in the ground are expensive in nature. He advices clients to go for well establishes service providers like Architects who will offer drawings that are technical and efficient in terms of use of materials during construction so as to help the contractor avoid running losses due to poor designs that use more materials.


Mr. Neelesh states that some of the latest products they have used are in the waterproofing sector of the construction. They sample products from various suppliers, test them then pass them to be used on their projects.

He also adds that their company uses recycled plastic boards for shuttering instead of the marine boards which most contractors use. This is helping them be sustainable and efficient in use of their resources on the site.


In the past few years, he notes there has been slow growth as a result of Covid-19 and the general elections. Mr. Neelesh anticipates the government to put in place the incentives they have promised in their manifesto and economic plan which will boost growth of the construction industry in the next 10 years.


Kenya is a prominent country in the East African region, and is home to so many international companies and organizations. Mr. Neelesh notes that this posses big opportunities for development, and if the government would ensure they put mechanisms to foster these, the construction industry would greatly benefit. In addition to this, he noted that the increasing population also will create a demand for construction services and help in the growth of the sector in the country.

When asked if he had any last remarks, He said ‘Be good, do good and that’s what you get in return.’

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