Lalji Bhimji Sanghani (LBS) is a main contractor company that deals with building construction and civil engineering works. The company was founded in 1958 as a family business by Mr. Kanti’s family. Mr. Kanti joined the business after he completed his Engineering course and started practicing engineering works to gain experience. The company specializes in housing, general construction, infrastructure, roads, water sanitation and sewers, and substations. 

The company is accredited by NCA at level 1 for buildings and NCA level 2 for roads. 


  • KETRACo Isinya sewage works
  • KPLC projects 
  • Windsor hotel 
  • Many housing projects 


Mr. Sanghani states that nowadays businesses are dynamic, and hence as a leader, you have to ensure there is efficiency and quality for good business growth. As a result of the challenges facing the industry, the business must be run in a very efficient way to ensure the proper use of materials to give quality work, that way the business can grow.


Mr. Kanti identifies that his company offers competitive prices for the contracts they take making customers approach them easily. He also notes that quality work output is another reason why clients are drawn to his company for their services. 

He also identifies a good track record has built a good reputation and name for his company, making it easier for clients to refer more people to them for their services.


Mr. Sanghani states that every client they work for have specifications for their work, and on that basis, the company and its staff performs to meet the client’s specifications of the project. Testing is done and also the materials to be used are checked to ensure good quality output for the project. 


As a result of the influx of many contractors in the construction industry in the country, especially the Chinese, Mr. Sanghani states that the company needs to adjust and be dynamic to survive and continue playing in the industry. 


Mr. Sanghani states that most companies have put up so many investments and most developers don’t pay them on time, posing a great financial constraint challenge that hinders some operations of the company. 


As a result of the dynamic aspect of the construction industry, Mr. Sanghani identifies that a company has to move with the trends to ensure they offer current market standards. He states that his company has had to shift from its former British system to the modern international standardization (ISO), which puts the company in the global arena. 

He also states it is important to embrace new technology for innovation and efficiency in the operations of a company. 


Mr. Kanti speculated that there will be a boom in the construction industry as a result of the increasing population in most urban areas. 

He also notes that as a result of the rising standards of living, will lead to demand for better housing, infrastructure, and utility services, hence there will be many contracts to be done in the industry.

Mr. Kanti notes that initially, the industry was construction focused only. He notes that the number of developers is increasing, and many contractors want to upgrade to become developers so that they can rake in more amounts of money. He adds that poorly paying developers end up not paying the contractors, hence the need by most contractors to become developers and bid for full projects.

Closing remark,

Mr. Kanti tells us that Lalji Bhimji Sanghani satisfies their client by offering good prices, performance, and supplies. 

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