Allied Plumbers Ltd is a family business, currently under the leadership of Bobby Jandu who is the Managing Director. His father, Mr. Pierra Singh Jandu, joined the family business which used to be called Utham Singh Pritam Singh & Company in 1947 where he worked up to 1963 and started his own business, Allied Plumbers Ltd. 

Bobby’s father together with his brother Utham Singh Jandu started the company in 1963 and was later joined by their younger brother Harjundah Singh Jandu in 1972. 

Mr. Bobby Jandu joined the family business in 1980 and has since then continued with the legacy set by his predecessors.

Having been nurtured to take over the family business, Mr. Jandu immediately joined his father’s company upon completion of his high school studies. With time, he took over the professional role his father played in the company and has since then carried on with the legacy of his predecessors to provide mechanical and fitting services in the construction industry.


Allied Plumbers Ltd is a subcontractor company that specializes in mechanical services; in particular plumbing, heating, drainage, fire fighting, water treatment, and wastewater treatment. 

Their main specialties are;

 -Plumbing & Drainage

-Water Supply

Sewage Infrastructure

Firefighting Installations

Industrial Piping


Recently, the company has ventured into offering services in HVA sewage systems, air conditioning, and ventilation. The company is fully fledged into mechanical services and fittings. 

The company is currently rated at NCA 1 level. 

Their mission is to satisfy the needs of their clients with sincerity, honesty and full technical back up service.


  • Meru Greenwood Park
  • Business Bay Square
  • Kenya Breweries Limited- UDV line 5 Tactical Expansion
  • Kijabe Hospital
  • Arboretum Hotel/Suites Radisson Blu Arboretum
  • Wrigleys Gum Manufacturing Facility
  • Nairobi Serena Hotel – Upgrading
  • Sanlam – Office Development
  • First Community Bank – Mihrab
  • Kenchic Poultry Processing Plant
  • Vienna Court Development
  • English Point Marina
  • Villa Rosa Kempiski


Mr. Jandu highlighted that the major roadmap to business growth is a turnaround of the economy, and people embracing professionalism. To achieve successful growth, he notes, a company and its personnel should maintain a good code of ethics, which is majorly lacking in the industry. Embracing professionalism and maintaining good ethics would create a fair level ground for businesses to compete and grow. 

He continued to say that a company with a good organizational structure is more likely to do well than a one-man company or companies with poor organizational and operational structures. He notes that it is good for good structuring of a company so that the right personnel for the job will handle it rather than unqualified staff. 


Allied Plumbers Ltd conducts its operations very professionally and all its personnel are very well trained for the job. They offer good services in terms of workmanship and quality of materials used in the job. 

Even upon completion of their projects on site, Mr. Jandu notes that it is important to continually offer support services to the developer, a major selling point that has helped the company remain in operation this long. 

Allied Plumbers Ltd staff work in a very friendly manner which attracts many clients to the company.


The company’s supervisors are very well trained and they ensure that they properly and carefully perform their professional roles for quality work output. Personal visits to the sites by the top management and directors also play a major role in ensuring quality control in all projects. 


Mr. Jandu notes that the private sector development contracts have reduced significantly, owing to the absence of deeds to bid for bigger contacts, and also the flooding of the market/industry by Chinese contractors who are taking all the big projects. 

To remain in the game, Mr. Jandu gives his prospects of diversification of services and specialization. He also stated the company is venturing into renewable energy projects. Specialization would make the future of Allied Plumbers Ltd so that they can offer a wide range of specialized services that are in high demand. 


Mr. Jandu identifies financial constraints, availability of materials and price instability as major challenges facing his company and many others.

He also notes that global scale issues have affected steel prices, importation, and shipping costs, as well as contributed to high excise duty charges by the government 

Owing to these challenges, the company has strategized to offer specialized services to minimize the logistical costs and would-be damages. 


Mr. Jandu’s passion is to innovate for a better future. He notes that his company was the first to introduce plastic pipes which replace galvanized steel pipes. He is open to new technologies and considers his company a pioneer in using new sustainable technologies.  

They are also looking into diversification in specialized fields like renewable energy and water recycling.


Mr. Jandu maintains a positive outlook on the industry. He states that Kenya is a developing country with a vibrant youth population who are seeking employment. With the increase in population especially in urban areas, he speculated that the demand for space will increase hence developers will need to develop new infrastructure and utilities to cater to the needs of the growing population. 

Mr. Jandu is optimistic about the construction industry and has a greater future as a result of the growing population’s demand for infrastructure such as roads, residential blocks, office spaces, hotels, hospitals, etc. This will provide more opportunities for developers and contractors. 


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