Mr. Paresh Hirani is the Director of Aggregate construction Limited. Aggregate construction Ltd manages Building construction from shell to finishes and coordinates subcontractors and does project planning. They manage and coordinate construction activities. Aggregate construction Limited was founded by Mr. Paresh’s brother, Brijesh Hirani in the year 2011. Brijesh was alone in the construction industry at the time and Mr. Paresh later joined the company in the year 2014.

The company’s core members are Mr. Paresh Hirani, his brother Brijesh Hirani and their father Mr. Kanji Hirani. 

The trio are contractors who have specialized in building construction works and they also do civil engineering works. Brijesh is an accountant by profession while Paresh is an engineer by profession. The company’s main specialization is building construction works and is NCA rated at level 1. 


At the time of starting the company, there was so much potential in the market and that is why the company was formed to take on building construction works. Mr. Paresh and his brother presided the lucrative market and are still doing so to date. 


  • Nova along Waiyaki Way completed in 2016 
  • Residential hotel for African Population Research and Health Center (APRHC)
  • Enaki town in Red Hill 
  • Machakos Ranching Ltd office block


Mr. Paresh advices that all contractor needs to know their capacity, especially in Kenya, because it requires a lot of cash flow management for all its activities.

He also noted the importance of focusing on the correct personnel with the required technical expertise and also the provision of proper and adequate training for any viable personnel.

He continued to add that correct staffing in a company will help in the growth and success of the company. A manager should avoid staff turnover to maintain smooth operations. 


Mr. Paresh Hirani highlights the success of his company as being at the right place at the right time and also handling unique and strategically placed projects. 

The vantage locations of their projects has set the company’s profile high in the market, leading the clients to them. This has significantly reduced the need for marketing in the company as the projects are well-located and sell the company’s profile to the public easily. 

He also added that a good track record has helped in the growth and success of the company leading to many referrals to hire them because of the quality of the services and work they do. 


Mr. Paresh emphasizes the need to focus on your own company rather than comparing with others and hence manage and control the standards that you have set as a manager of your company. He stated that at Aggregate Construction Ltd, quality control is done at two stages; financial and technical quality control management.

He went on to explain that technical quality control management involves managing the personnel and ensuring the process of the information properly that is being channeled to the clients and consultants. The other aspect of technical quality control management is ensuring the personnel are well trained and have up-to-date qualifications, able to perceive problems and respond appropriately.

He also stated that it is important for site inspections by the managers and engineers to ensure the smooth flow of operations.


Mr. Paresh identifies poor workmanship as one of the biggest challenges in the industry which has resulted from poor dissemination of information and knowledge from the trained personnel to the trainees. 

He adds that outsourcing staff is very dangerous since you do not know their expertise level and performance in the industry


He notes that some clients need their projects done quickly which necessitates his company to engage in newer technologies and processes to enhance faster construction. 

However, he notes that over-engaging modern technology could also be risky, therefore company management should always be on the realistic side of things and timelines rather than be over-optimistic and run huge risks. 


Mr. Paresh perceives the market to be different right now as compared to 5 years ago. He adds that there are many players in the industry. His main strategy for Aggregate Construction right now is to maintain and sustain, rather than rush to grow quickly and lose all. He reiterates that if a company can be able to maintain, sustain and control its operations, growth will come automatically. 

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