Navin Patel started working in the construction industry in 1980 and did projects on high rise buildings, commercial properties, fit outs and civil works. Komal Construction Company Ltd was founded and registered in the year 1998 as a private Limited Company, with its main areas of service provision including general building construction and civil engineering works, office fit outs, and design and build services.

It is a main contractor company dealing with all forms of construction work.

The company also works with subcontractors providing electrical, plumbing, steel works, and HVAC works etc. and provide design and build in these fields.


  • All types of construction, design and build projects such as offices, warehouses, hotels etc. 
  • Domestic and commercial fit outs,
  • Civil works,
  • Residential construction,
  • Reconstruction and refurbishment,
  • General maintenance works for the Clients.

The company has a rating of NCA Level 3.


  • Renovation of Apartments, cottages for Fairseat Foundation.
  • Refurbishment works at the Government Press, offices, canteen external works.
  • Hill Park Hotel – Extension and Renovations
  • Britam Serviced Apartments Extension
  • Kenya Coach Industries Limited – office block, fabrication on workshop for commercial vehicles, service centres etc.


Mr. Patel states that offering quality services and within timelines is one of the key ways that the Clients can recommend you to other potential clients, therefore enhancing business growth.


Mr. Navin Patel states that Komal Construction Ltd delivers their projects timely and ensures good quality and this has been the major selling point of the company in terms of attracting more clientele.

Throughout their history, they have managed to meet the needs of their clients through their attention to detail and ability to provide knowledge-driven and cost-saving solutions by applying their expertise to a broad spectrum of construction-related services and delivery systems.


At Komal Construction, Mr. Patel identifies the office as the main starting point of the quality control process, with the right standards and expectations being set out to be achieved. He identifies the use of quality materials of international standards from the suppliers as one of the key factors in controlling quality at the company.

He also adds that onsite supervisors are well trained and equipped to ensure that all undergoing projects are done as per the specifications to maintain good quality output and that all materials arriving at the site are inspected for standard before offloading from the delivery trucks.


Mr. Patel states that his company will remain focused on delivering quality projects on time. He also states that the company aims to grow in the future, despite the challenges in the construction industry.

He aims to continue running the company as a medium-tier company offering projects based on their capability and demand, instead of being overoptimistic and not delivering quality projects.

Komal construction aims to be a leading company in providing exceptional and quality works in general construction and civil engineering services to all their clients within Kenya and across borders


Mr. Navin Patel identifies one of the challenges as the incompetence of skilled staff, owing to many graduates finishing school wishing so much knowledge but very little practical skills and practicality.

He also adds that there has been an increase in competition from construction companies, with the biggest being multinational Chinese companies that have advantages in taxation hence making them obtain most of the construction contracts in the market.

The slow decline in the number of projects also is a challenge he identifies, stating that it has contributed to declining revenue for the construction companies in the country.


Mr. Patel is hopeful that the new government will create investment incentives that will attract foreign companies to set bases in the country over the next few years, creating development opportunities for infrastructure to accommodate foreign businesses and companies and create work for local companies.

He also is optimistic that the government will be able to reduce costs of operations such as electricity tariffs, licences etc. so that the companies can spend less on such areas.

With a good reputation from their work, he believes his company is going to continue receiving more contracts and continue to expand its services in the industry.

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