About Us

One of our key objectives is to protect the interests of our members in the course of their businesses. It is in the view of this objective that KABCEC participates actively in the formulation, revision and amendment of conditions of Contract for Building works.

  • We also aim at establishing amicable arrangements and relations between our members and their workmen. The Association works hand in hand with the Union and the Ministry of Labour in formulating the minimum terms and conditions of employment for construction workers contained in a Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA). We have identified and attempted to resolve potential areas of conflict such as hours of work, leave, holidays, safari allowance etc.
  • We are also concerned with promoting co-operation among Contractors as pertains the terms and conditions of Contract.
  • Formulating as well as promoting improvements and opposing alterations in Legislation affecting the Construction Industry i.e. Withholding Tax, Transportation of Construction Workers etc.
  • To offer legal, pecuniary or other form of assistance to our members during Trade Disputes and in matters relating to their Contractual Obligations

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