• The Agreement and Conditions of Contract for Building works – This document is a fruit of our joint efforts with the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK.)
  • The Collective Bargain Agreement between the Union and the Association. (negotiated bi-annually) – This document stipulates fair conditions and terms of employment for Construction workers.
  • Joint Building Council – through partnership with the AAK. and the Ministry of Public Works which has achieved:
    1. Monitoring and publishing monthly prices and changes in prices of Building Materials and labour in the Country. (fluctuations)
    2. Publishing, revising, and editing Agreements and conditions of Contract for Building works.
    3. Formulation of new policies regarding Contracts such as Retention and Bid Bonds, Withholding Tax, etc.
  • The recent reduction of Withholding Tax from the punitive 5% to 3% – We are still lobbying for a reduction of this Tax to its original level of 2%.

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