Our Membership

Today our membership stands at 140 and comprises not only Building and Civil Engineering Contractors, but also Specialists Contractors and Sub-contractors such as lifts contractors, Electrical Contractors and Plumbing contractors e.t.c

Benefits of Membership

By belonging to the Association, you stand to gain a number of benefits including:

  • An opportunity to lobby for issues of concern to you as a Contractor, be it lobbying for fair conditions of Contracts, Terms and Conditions of employing your Workers, Government Policy, etc. In a nut shell, you get the opportunity of influencing the Contracting Business.
  • KABCEC organizes Seminars geared at educating our members on contentious issues in the Contracting Business such as the administration of Value Added Tax, Labour relations, Contractual rights, Claims etc.
  • Belonging to the Association also presents you with the opportunity to interact with like minded persons with whom you can share ideas and experiences.
  • Above all you can speak with one voice – a strong voice – when you belong to the Association of the largest contributors to Kenya’s Economy.

Membership Fee

  • Current entrance fee Kshs 2,000/=
  • Building levy Kshs 12,000/= (Payable once)
  • Annual subscription: Main Contractor Kshs 15,000/=
  • Annual subscription: Sub Contractor Kshs 10,000/=

Membership Form

Click Here to download membership form

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